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Pop A Beachball by PonFuusen
Pop A Beachball
She had the beachball since last summer, and still not a single leak . . .


There, that's better ;)


I do not have enough time, nor to I feel like coloring this one, so this is about as done as it is going to get for today.  Sorry.

Misty (c) Nintendo/Pokemon
'Accidental' Popping by PonFuusen
'Accidental' Popping
She did not intend to pop her balloon . . . so soon.

. . .

But she enjoyed doing it anyway :D


I drew some pictures, but did not feel like coloring them.  These are as done as they are going to get from me right now though.

Misty (c) Nintendo
Sketches 27:  Amy and Sakura on a Bunny by PonFuusen
Sketches 27: Amy and Sakura on a Bunny
Okay, THIS one I plan on finishing, but I do not know when.  I may touch up on the pose though.

Amy Rose (c) Sega
Sakura (c) Masashi Kishimoto
Sketches 26: Vanellope LolliPOP by PonFuusen
Sketches 26: Vanellope LolliPOP
Vanellope Von Schweetz using a lollipop to POP a balloon.

I was not happy with how this turned out; I may redo this one some day.

Vanellope is (c) Disney/Pixar


Non-Poppers Beware!
United States
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Personal Quote: I'm actually scared of balloons popping, but I like watching girls pop them even more.
Lately I have been obsessing over what other people asked me to do so much, that I think I have forgotten how to do stuff that _I_ want to do.  When I posted up some sketches a little while back, it was because I had yet to complete anything worth posting just yet.  That catgirl sketch also did not turn out as well as I wanted it too, and I realized that previously I would have gone back & redone it before posting anything up, but I really did not have the energy to do so this time around.  Why?  Because these days whenever I get something scanned, I end up mentally doing through this perpetual loop of "OH, but before I do this, there was that other thing some guy requested...", and I loose my motivation to do any work, because I feel I cannot work on the stuff that I want to do.

Not helping things any is that a lot of these requests come from people who have already asked three or four other artists to draw the exact same thing for them, leaving me feeling as if I am not doing anything special.  AND when I do not do everything for them before other people get their versions out, I get messages in my inbox asking what is taking me so long.  I am not a fast artist; I am lucky if I get something out at least once a month.  Sorry, that is just the way that I am.

I kind of feel like I have lost my muse, fussing over this.  I want to draw things that interest ME.  That is why I do not draw boys, or non-popping versions of my previous pictures; I do not have any interest in doing those pictures, ever.

So what is the point?  Well until further notice, I am not doing anymore requests/birthday pics/or anything else that is sent to me, just because somebody asked.  I am not doing commissions either, and anybody who presses the issue, I will just simply ignore.  I want to get back to doing things that I want to draw, before I start doing things other people want me to draw.

That is the bottom line, and sorry if this upsets anyone.  Goodnight.
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What should PonFuusen try to make/do next? 

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I really love the balloon bouncing, so as the airbag bouncing.
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Most of the time I'm a non-popper but you made my balloon popping love fly. thank you! Floating Balloon 
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Appreciate the fave good sir.:) (Smile) 
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ballooooooooons X3
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Thanks for favoriting my commission drawing, I appreciate it~ :)
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I'll tell you about girls' airbag crash tests, click this link here!:
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Can you make a photo with a Blonde Angel on a hoppity hop? It's almost Christmas.
GirlswithBalloonLove Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2014
Hey PonFuusen, do you do commissions? If you do how many points does it cost for you to do a commission. 
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