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Sailor BOOM - With Bunnies by PonFuusen
Sailor BOOM - With Bunnies
Wow, April 5th?  Is it just me, or is Easter getting earlier every year?

I have been having trouble coming up with a regular Easter Bunny pic this year, so instead I took a different approach, and worked with a different "bunny".

Hope everyone likes it!

Well, back to the drawing board.
Balloon Imprint 2015 by PonFuusen
Balloon Imprint 2015
I have been having trouble lately coming up with drawings I am satisfied with.  I did some REALLY rough pencil sketches, but nothing I really liked enough to finish at the time.

One such sketch, which started as a waste-up portrait, I decided to redo as another balloon-print idea, this one with address links as well.

Still, I am not sure if I will have anything else up soon; I have been trying to come up with a new Easter Bunny picture, but I really have nothing yet that I feel like making into a complete picture at this time.  It is not that I do not have ideas, it is just that I cannot seem to draw anything I really like.

Anyway, I am tired from finishing just this now, so I am going to go to sleep now.

Until next picture.
Shampoo and Balloons by PonFuusen
Shampoo and Balloons
Well the celebration was over.  Time to clean up for the next day...

All the streamers, old paper lanterns, and whatnot were in the trash, or packed away for next year.

The only thing left were the large balloons.  They were no longer floating, so they could not just be released into the sky, but they were still so full they could not be thrown out just yet.

So she had to pop them first.

Of course just because the balloons were old, and no longer floating, did not mean they would give up without a fight, as the Chinese Amazon soon discovered with the orange balloon.  Her kicks were powerful enough to blow holes in walls, but her full-powered stomp only bounced upon the sphere.  Shampoo blinked in surprise, before grabbing the offending decoration from the floor, and squeezing it in her hands.

"Pop!" she yelled, yet the balloon refused to comply and instead squished like jello in her strong dainty hands.  "POP, stupid balloon!"

Clutching the ribbon in one hand, and the top of the balloon in the other, she attempted to pull the balloon apart, only for the ribbon to break before the balloon.  Undaunted, she tossed the flat string aside, and squeezed the balloon into her body . . .  As she did so though, an odd sensation came over her . . .

Because she would turn into a cat when splashed with cold water, and she worked in a place where cold beverages were something customers sometimes ordered, Shampoo often did not wear a bra, as her feline paws would get tangled in the straps after transforming.  This meant though that while squishing the stubborn orange balloon to her chest, she could feel the soft rubber now through her dress, and it made her nipples tingle a little.

No longer completely angry with the balloon she still intended to destroy, she began squishing it into her chest on purpose.  Although she could not quite say why, her body seemed to LIKE the balloon being rubbed against herself.

Of course as it so happened, the balloon chose that moment to give in to her original demand.


Shampoo gave a tiny little shriek as the balloon burst against her chest, the freed air & leftover helium sweeping her hair back in a quick gust; it was much louder than an old balloon should have been, and surprised her with its sudden explosion.

The girl found herself amid a storm of competing emotions.  Shock over the balloon popping.  Accomplishment over its demise.  Annoyance about it having stood up to so much before, only to go right when she was NOT trying to burst it.  Embarrassment over being caught off guard by a balloon . . .  Also more than a little arousal; the balloon whipping around her chest, and the sensation of the large rubber ball being reduced to a couple, much smaller scraps of latex, gave Shampoo some more tingling sensations in her body . . .  And not just in her nipples this time either.

Turning around, the Chinese warrior maiden looked at the two remaining balloons.  The red one reminded her of her darling Ranma's female form, while the blue one kind of reminded her of the school dress that her rival sometimes wore . . .

A mischief-filled smirk crossed her face as she remembered she would be alone to clean up for quite some time.  Nobody would know or care if she decided to fool around a bit, with these last couple decorations that needed to be thrown out.

Pulling the red balloon up to herself, she gave it a little kiss.  It was NOT the infamous "Kiss of Death" though.

She did not want THIS one to pop before she had some REAL fun with it first ;)


Uploaded a more "complete" version now.

Originally this was just a quick sketch I threw together, and decided to scan.  I was only going to color in Shampoo herself, but one thing led to another, and soon I was coloring in the whole thing.  Before I could get to the shading though, I found I was late for something Sunday night, so I had to put finishing it on hold, but I decided to upload what I had done until I came back, just on a whim.

Until next time!
Tomato by PonFuusen


Kushina was in a bad mood.  As usual, it was over Minato; he said he was making some sort of new ninjutsu technique that involved spinning wind in a ball, or something . . .  Half of whatever he talked about involving techniques never made complete sense to her.

All she knew was that he was busy doing something other than paying attention to her, and that pissed her off.   So, she decided to confront him in person at his house.


Aaand stupid Minato was not home.


This of course did nothing to improve Kushina’s mood.

What was in the Yellow Flash’s bedroom were balloons.  Lots of balloons.  Also notes about compressing chakra in confined spaces, rotational speeds, something about Tailed Beast Balls, but for the most part, balloons.

So Minato would rather play with balloons, than spend time with her?

Well, she would show him what balloons were REALLY meant for!



 Okay, a few things to mention.

*  I have been busy getting ready to move to a new place, so I have not had much time for drawing.
*  This picture was ALMOST done Thursday afternoon, but then my computer reset itself causing me to loose almost all of the background work I had been doing.
*  I do not know all that much about Naruto; I own a few volumes, but I have not kept up with the series very much since the first time-skip, so most of what I know about Naruto's parents is of a second-hand nature.  Sorry if something is inaccurate.
*  I STILL do NOT do commissions, and even if I did it would be for money, not DA points.
*  No idea when I will have something else up either.  Sorry.

Happy New Year!

Sketches 24 by PonFuusen
Sketches 24
I lost my drawing pen, and I need to order another.  In the meantime here are a couple inked sketches that I may not finish.


Non-Poppers Beware!
United States
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Personal Quote: I'm actually scared of balloons popping, but I like watching girls pop them even more.
Lately I have been obsessing over what other people asked me to do so much, that I think I have forgotten how to do stuff that _I_ want to do.  When I posted up some sketches a little while back, it was because I had yet to complete anything worth posting just yet.  That catgirl sketch also did not turn out as well as I wanted it too, and I realized that previously I would have gone back & redone it before posting anything up, but I really did not have the energy to do so this time around.  Why?  Because these days whenever I get something scanned, I end up mentally doing through this perpetual loop of "OH, but before I do this, there was that other thing some guy requested...", and I loose my motivation to do any work, because I feel I cannot work on the stuff that I want to do.

Not helping things any is that a lot of these requests come from people who have already asked three or four other artists to draw the exact same thing for them, leaving me feeling as if I am not doing anything special.  AND when I do not do everything for them before other people get their versions out, I get messages in my inbox asking what is taking me so long.  I am not a fast artist; I am lucky if I get something out at least once a month.  Sorry, that is just the way that I am.

I kind of feel like I have lost my muse, fussing over this.  I want to draw things that interest ME.  That is why I do not draw boys, or non-popping versions of my previous pictures; I do not have any interest in doing those pictures, ever.

So what is the point?  Well until further notice, I am not doing anymore requests/birthday pics/or anything else that is sent to me, just because somebody asked.  I am not doing commissions either, and anybody who presses the issue, I will just simply ignore.  I want to get back to doing things that I want to draw, before I start doing things other people want me to draw.

That is the bottom line, and sorry if this upsets anyone.  Goodnight.
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