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Saki Cleans Up

“There we go; the banners, sand, and other decorations are in the trash.  Now the only thing left, are the beachballs . . .  I’m glad the Vice Principal assigned you & me to do the decorating, for the ‘Fake Summer’ class party this year.  I just love these forty-inch balls you got for it.

“She said we only had to have everything cleared out . . .  We COULD just deflate them, and throw them in the trash, . . . Buuuuuut . . .

“The only problem I have with decorating for parties with beachballs, is that no one ever thinks of having fun popping them, unlike balloons.  Sometimes I think it isn’t fair to let beauties like these just sit around doing nothing.

“What’s that?  Take them home, you say?  Well . . . *giggle*  I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Just between you and me.

“I HAVE taken home beachballs, and other inflatables.  Lots of times, in fact.  My room is decorated with all kinds of inflatable things, I’ve played with.

“The thing is, I don’t take them home in ONE piece, understand ;) ?

“Tell you what.  It’s pretty late, and you might want to take one or two home yourself.  I’ll help you deflate the ones you want to keep . . .  And then we can have some fun together, bursting the rest :D !”



I was working on a different picture, but it was not turning out how I originally wanted, so I started from the ground up on a new one.  This is part of the reason why I did not have anything colored for January.  Sorry.

Sketches 28 by PonFuusen
Sketches 28
I am having trouble getting done the project I am currently working on, so I did some random sketches that turned into what is here.
Happy Holidays by PonFuusen
Happy Holidays
...  Hopefully she remembers to save a few for New Years ;)


I stayed up late, so this would be done in time for today.  So tired... but I still feel it is worth it :)

Happy holidays, everyone, no matter what you celebrate.
Punchball Stuffing by PonFuusen
Punchball Stuffing
On a whim the girl, after having shown numerous times how durable the punchball balloons were, decided to try something a little different.

Yes it did end up stretching out her dress to the point where she would have to get it re-tailored, or buy a new one, but DAMN it was sure fun to do! :D


As I was getting ready to color this, I noticed that the girl looked a little bit like Chun Li, so . . .…

I hope everybody enjoys :)
The Last Three by PonFuusen
The Last Three

The door to her apartment shut behind her with a thud, causing the trio of oxidized balloons to wobble; their helium no longer allowing them to float, but still making them move with the slightest breeze.  Her worn clothes hit the floor on top of her shoes, leaving her clothed only in her underwear & socks.


She was tired.  Having to go into work right after celebrating her birthday the previous night, had sapped her energy long ago, and although she should go straight to bed, there was some final “cleanup” required.


It was not a chore though; she very much looked forward to finishing off what had been mostly taken care of that morning.  Remains of the smaller party balloons were all over the place, left from where they had fallen, as she had squeezed, bounced, stomped, and stabbed after awakening.  A rainbow of rubber shreds were piled over her shower drain, having not quite washed away as she had washed up prior to getting dressed for work, and her heart beat a little faster as she went over the memory in her mind.


But those had all been the smaller balloons; nine inches, even though they had been filled as much as they could be without bursting, they were still small.  Quantity over quality; she NEEDED that many to satisfy herself, in her after party, before work, celebration.


The three that were not small, those were what awaited her at home.  She had tomorrow off, and was going to have to spend it cleaning pieces of colored rubber spread all over her apartment.  Guests would most likely still find an errant scrap or two in the coming months; they always did, even if they could not tell at first what they would be from.  Maybe pieces from the last three beauties before her?  They were certain to not be in ONE piece when she was through with them, that was certain.


Two had been holding up the arch of nine-inchers before, which had ended up dismantled even before the initial party had ended.  The purple one, the largest of the three, had been tied to her main gift from her sister.  At times she had to wonder if perhaps her little sister was aware of her . . . interest in balloons.  And if so, was this her REAL gift for that night?


If it were, or even if it were not, she was going to enjoy it to its fullest.  The tough balloon stretched around her behind, yet held her up still.  Although the other two were also squishy, and bouncy, this one seemed to be stronger, or at least would prove more of a challenge.


Forget sleep.  She would sleep in tomorrow, spending the third night of her “party” cleaning up the mess she was about to add too, and would reminisce about it all as she picked up pieces of rubber from all over the apartment.


And so she began her after-party, with her last three balloons ;)


I screwed up while trying to ink a sketch I had been working on for November, and spend the whole rest of the month trying to fix it.  Sorry.


Non-Poppers Beware!
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Okay, a while back I stopped doing art trades, and one of the key factors was the person I was doing a trade with at the time backed out after I already posted my half of the trade, and completely left DA for a time.

Recently that same person contacted me about doing ANOTHER trade, even though they still owed me the half of the previous trade.  I refused to start another art trade until they finished their half of the previous one.  And this was not a case of "Oh sure, I have it right here, I just forgot to post it"; I had to point this out a few times before it was done.  I do not believe they even started to draw the picture until after I put my foot down on this.

This is NOT how an art trade is supposed to go; yes they did finally make a picture that I asked for, but it has been over a year and a half since I originally made and posted my half of the trade.  Should I really trust someone who only seems interested in making me draw a picture for them, but avoiding doing anything in return?

In summary, if I ever do art trades again, these are the new rules for it:
1.) I can choose to withhold my end of the trade until the other person's half of the trade is ready.
2.) If the other party backs out of the trade, for whatever reason, I reserve the right to refuse any other trades or requests from them in the future.
3.) Until the other party meets their end of the trade, at least proving that they have started to honestly work on their picture for it, I do not have to post anything beyond a pencil blocking for my half.

I am sorry if this seems like I have trust issues with everyone now, but there are valid reasons for this.
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What should PonFuusen try to make/do next? 

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