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"It's about time you got here!" >:/
"Sorry.  I made her promise we wouldn't start, until you got here too."


:iconexceed-excellion:'s "Color Me Template" ( colored in, with some (ahem) adjustments on my part.  I hope this is okay.

... I could not figure out how to add balloons on the other one, so I did this one instead.
In a system not unlike our own, a star enters into its final phase, swelling well beyond anything else in its orbit; a gigantic red globe threatening to detonate at any moment. The explosion would not only spell doom for its surrounding  planetoids, which were thankfully long devoid of life, but also world of nearby systems, which were ironically not so "lucky" as to have their civilizations long died out.

The apocalypse is upon this area of this galaxy, as the red sphere of doom looms so large, that it could be seen by the naked eye even beyond the nearby systems.  Panic and despair filled each of the three eyes of the nearby system's inhabitants, over eightcentrillion spread over three colonized worlds and one interplanetary fuel-station, as they watched the looming explosion in baited horror.

And yet, something else appeared to be drawn to the calamity in progress...

A being of unimaginable size, indeterminate age, and an appearance that while greatly alien from this part of the galaxy was still somehow aesthetically pleasing, floated in from the unknown vastness of space.

Seemingly drawn to the close-to-detonating red star, the titaness approached and touched the surface, as if testing to see how large it really was.  In yet another sight that defied all presently known logic, instead of burning or absorbing the giant's gloved hand, the surface of the star yielded very slightly, like a tight rubber ball.

As if satisfied by the fullness of the only thing in the system that presently rivaled her own size, the being scooped up the star into her arms, which could not quite reach around the red giant.

"Absolutely perfect!" Her melodic voice, and oddly girlish giggle, could somehow be heard through the vacuum of space.

Somehow pulling the doomed star from its orbit, the giantess carried it over to a nearby ringed gas giant; alarmingly closer to the nearby inhabited system, and within easier view of that system's primary inhabited planet.  Despite how easy she had carried it over, the woman seemed to have some trouble getting her arms circled around the red star, squeezing it in ways that by all physical logic should be impossible; the glowing crimson sphere distorted with her squeezing, and the titanic woman stepped upon the nearby ringed planet to give herself a foothold, as her hands finally clasped one-another on the other side of the distorted star.

Another giggle from the giantess was heard;


Several centrillion voices spread out over three colonized worlds, and one interplanetary fuel-station, screamed in terror as they realized what was about to happen.  Ominous creaking, as if the star were some sort of polymer, was heard as the titan woman squeezed the red giant to her celestial body, a girlish squeal of delight being given as the reddish-orange star bulged in opposite directions from the force of her hug.
For one brief stretched out moment, it appeared her intentions were thwarted, as it seemed the doomed star was somehow holding its own . . .


. . .

Despite the noise, and a wave of force passing over the inhabitants watching, the beings of the nearby system found they were unharmed.  Much like how everything else about the gigantic stranger was unexplainable to them, the exploding star had harmed no one (Aside from some having a dull ringing in their ears from the noise.), including the alien visitor herself.  Instead of irradiated flames or bits of star matter, the giggling giantess was surrounded by bits of dust that had once been the red star she had been squeezing.  Playfully waving her hand through the cloud of yellowish mist, she let it rest upon the blue-ringed gas giant she had pulled the star closer too . . .  And gave a mischievous look toward the inhabited planets nearby.

Unsure what to make of this possible savior, the watching inhabitants of the three nearby worlds, and fuel-station, collectively froze in fear, awaiting what would transpire next . . .

Spreading her legs wide, the woman placed the ringed gas-giant between them, ring and all, and began squeezing much like how she had with the red star before.

More terror-filled screaming erupted as voyeurs scared of the previous bang, ducked down covering all of their ears . . .  Although some stood transfixed, as if mesmerized by the sight of the woman destroying another world in her own playful manner.

With a delighted grin, the gigantic girl squeezed the ring of the blueish planet in one hand, and the planet itself in the other, just before squeezing even tighter with her thighs . . .


Turquoise stardust joined the yellowish mist, as the gas giant exploded with a slightly smaller, but intense blast between the titan woman's legs.

She rolled forward, and for a second the inhabited worlds watching feared she would turn her playful destructive attentions to THEM next . . .

But in a surprise, the woman blew a loving kiss toward her audience, and swam off even quicker than she had arrived; no doubt to seek out something else to burst for her amusement.

In several eons of time, the remains of the star and planet that were lost, would become a new star of their own, breathing life into another young system & world.  The inhabitants of the nearby system would by then have fully taken to the stars in search of the strange yet benevolent goddess, that they now worshiped exclusively to all other faiths.

This of course did not matter much to Nova herself; she just loved making "Big Bangs" whenever the opportunity arose ;)


It has been awhile since I have done something like this.  Aside from Twitter, I have been focusing more on improving my drawing skills little-by-little, instead of just drawing balloon fetish art.  Because a good number of the things I have been drawing in this case are not balloon/inflatable/girl related, I am NOT going to post them here, but rest assured, I am still drawing.

Until next time, take care everyone!
Easter 2017

Come one, come all, and have a blast!

Spring is here, and to beat the April shower blues, let us bring out our own “thunder” the inflatable way, with a day-long celebration!


This year, the Easter Bunny has brought loads of colorful toys to play with, and burst with joy!


Thousands of colorful balloons (Must be popped)!

Hundreds of Easter-themed inflatables (Will also be popped)!

Our Bunny’s world-famous hoppers (Will be either taken home as souvenirs, or kept by the Bunny, but some will probably be popped just for the fun of it)!

And a full giant-sized bouncy castle loaded with balloons (Is not meant to be popped, but with this mischievous bunny-girl, you never know)!


Not to mention her new giant-sized, over-stretchy Bunnyloons will be demonstrated here (As she makes them pop, abet with some help from her famous heels.)!


So hurry down this Easter Sunday; because as many inflatable things as there are, the Easter Bunny is sure to have them all “cleaned up” by the end of the day!


NOTE:  This Easter event involves the playful destruction of inflatables & balloons, so non-popper discretion is advised.  Hoppity hop competitions must only involve the supplied hopper balls, and cannot be partaken by any custom hoppers.  Due to complaints from non-poppers, the “Pop one, keep one” rule on features inflatables has been suspended for participating patrons.  Please stop complaining about the hoppity hops being destroyed, as there are like dozens of them.  The bouncy castle is not meant to be burst; any attempts to puncture or overinflate it by anyone other than the Easter Bunny herself, will most likely be punished by her as she has made it clear she wants to somehow take it home with her to play with some more.  If you want to take a balloon, inflatable, or hopper home before the Easter Bunny bursts it, just ask her nicely for crying out loud.  Bunnyloons come in sizes “Aw, that’s so cu-u-u-ute!”, “Wow!  That’s going to be loud when it bursts!”, and “Deflate it before trying to get it through the door, you moron!”  Other than an amorous hare getting slapped in a private place by a bursting balloon it was humping, no actual animals were hurt in the making of this event (Inflatables do not count, and they probably enjoyed it, knowing how the Easter Bunny plays with them…).



To be perfectly honest, this year has been hard on me so far; I almost forgot to pick up my copy of Persona 5, but because of trying to get this drawing ready, and my job switching my hours almost at random on me, I have had no time to play it.  When I should have been working on this, was when the Splatoon2 Global Testfire thing was happening, and because I also had to work odd hours on that weekend, I ended up only being able to take part in one of the six times it was happening, and this left me feeling a little too down to draw at the time, placing me behind further.  I was barely able to make sketches that week.

I WAS planning on trying to do something with maybe a different bunny-girl for Easter this year, but someone on twitter liked one of my rejected sketches enough to convince me to rework it into this.  The story on this one may have suffered due to this unplanned change though...

If I sound a little rambily on this, it is because I just got off of my shift, and my blood stream is presently still full of coffee, so my brain is not making sentances right at the moment.  Sorry.

Happy Easter, just the same :) !


Non-Poppers Beware!
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Personal Quote: I'm actually scared of balloons popping, but I like watching girls pop them even more.

IMPORTANT NOTES: PonFuusen draws girls, inflatable things, and girls having fun popping inflatable things. This will NOT change.
As anybody who knows me can tell, I love video games.  I have not been able to finish anything colored this month, due to a bunch of stuff coming out all at once, see?

With Minecraft WiiU Edition, Mighty No. 9, and Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE out now, my Wii U is very busy.  Not to mention between Splatfests (Go team Nightowl!), trying to keep up with online stuff, and forcefeeding cheeseburgers to Nokos as I beat them senseless in hopes they will be my friend, I really have not had the time to properly ink or color anything lately.  Sorry.

I hope I will have this all out of my system in time to have something up around July, but I cannot make any promises right now.

Anyway, back to trying to beat Pyrogen without dying ten times in a row.
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Rock on Pon. Nice gallery
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Hiya again my friend. Are you somehow still active here? :? Just wondering in all. ^^
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Hi, I am still around, but due to a busy work schedule outside of drawing, I have mainly just been posting sketches on twitter.  Sorry.
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Hi can I make a request ?
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And to be honest... this is something I wanted to see... but I NEVER asked you for it! Isn't that a coinkydink?

Oooooh! I'm tempted to have Mikan orally inflate the bunny suit she wore in episode 9! (The one with the valve on the right wrist-cuff) (And if you get to it... NO PUMP. Just the 2 L's: Lips & Lungs.) Love ya! I hope you do more great stuff in the future!
fishprom2955 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2017
Do you do requests? Because I have one. No? I understand. I just really liked your Mikan posts on Twitter.
PinkestBalloon Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2016
I just wanna say that I've loved your work for a long time, and if you ever start to consider comissions, or re-open requests, or anything of the sort I'll be right there.

Keep on being amazing is the main thing though, no matter what you do in the future.
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